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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Man Behind The Camera

Good day everyone.
I just thought I would show you 
all the man behind the camera....
and thats me.
Photo credit goes out to my younger cousin
lol....heres the start of my modeling career

Thursday, October 11, 2012

"Do We Have To"

Hello everyone!!

Happy Thursday 10/11/12 to everyone.
Since its a special day that will only come once
in so many years.  I thought I should post up
a very special Photo Set.
So I got a call last week from a fellow Photographer (Andrew Tran). 
 He asked me if I would be interested
in being his main photographer on his video set.  I was so 
happy that he did, I ecstatically took the opportunity.
Being that this was one of my first time working on a real
music video shoot I didn't know what to expect at all.
We got to the location where we met up with
Hawaii's own Hype-5-0 star Duey.
We immediately started to set up and stage the
location.  After a few hours the beautiful and stunning
Tasha showed up for make up.
As the night went on we roughly started shooting a 6:30pm.
Accompanied by another Videographer (JP) and some of
Hawaii's dance group "Blank Canvas" followed by
another Hype 5-0 Member (Brittnie).
It took awhile for everyone to get comfortable with each other,
but when all awkwardness was gone we all started to loosen 
up and have fun.
The set lasted for about 7 hours of filming.
After Andrew wrapped up the set. Duey ordered pizza and
Andrew brought over some good food for everyone to eat.
We chilled for awhile and talked story before we all headed out.
I have to say it was very fun working on this set with soo many
Talented individuals.  I hope that it was a start for many more
new relationships to come......Thank you for viewing!!

Thank you Everyone who made it out to this shoot!!!

**The Set Crew (Excluding me i'm taking the Photo)

**One of the MOST INTENSE scene ever!**

**Rain Dance**

**One of the BEST shots I took**

**BLOOPER OF THE NIGHT Duey's Dramatic Shampoo Out-Take LOL**

Thanks again everyone for viewing my blog
keep update on my blog because I do update
it Weekly :)

-Thank You For Supporting D3Photo

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Passion Over Everything

Hello everyone, Today I have a treat for you.
Here is very young and talented Jasmin Idica.
For the people who dont know her, she and
her band won band champ for Oahu/Hawaii in 2010.
This was a yearly thing when there would
be battle of the bands for each island
and the winner of each island would go to battle
against the other 7 islands for the top spot
and they won it all.
The ironic thing is the other musicians
are my first cousins *Po'okela* (small world isn't it).
But anyway first and foremost this was not
my belongs to Andrew Tran another
very young, popular and talented individual.
He asked me to come and tag along and shoot some
Behind The Scenes Photos for his blog
which I accepted happily :).
So here is my take I know that its a single photo
but this single photo tells a lot about this person.
You can see the passion and love that she has for
her music and the determination and dedication
she is presenting to us..
Truthfully this shoot opened my eyes
being a closet musician myself, Jasmin
gives me hope and confidence that if I
really want to start making music
then I should step out of my comfort zone 
and do it full heartedly.
Its been an awesome week, with awesome people
I cherish everything..thank you
Please Enjoy this Photo because I know I am

"Passion Over Everything"

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Love Like No Other

At this time I would like to take the time away from all of my 
Photography, creativeness and art.  To recognize a very special 
person to Girlfriend Michelle.  Not only is she my other 
half, but also my better half, my best friend and my very own
shrink.  I have never met anyone so down to earth, humble, patient and
faithful before..until now.  Even though we have only been together 
for a short time of 10 months, I can say that this short relationship
"tops" and is the most mature serious relationship I have every been 
to date.  This young lady is my gravity and she keeps me down to earth
and supports everything I have my heart and mind set on. She listens 
patiently to what I have to say regaurdless if she wants to hear
it or not. Yet, she always has words of advice that always seem to help
bring my anxiety level down to a bare minimal. I have a hard
time expressing things through words and I know that I should express it
to her but this is the only way I know that I can.  I know she sometimes
feel like I don't care, but I'm a man of very few words and I hope one
day she'll figure out that I really do care and that she is very important to me
more than she will ever know...I LOVE YOU

"Always on the phone lol"

Friday, October 5, 2012


Hello and welcome to my Blog! Starting this off right, My name is DJ and I go by the name D3Photo.  Im an Aspiring Freelance Photographer From Oahu,Hawaii And I'm very passionate in what I do. Thank you for coming and taking the time to view my blog. Im new to blogging so bare with me lol. I will be updating my blog daily with photos and daily findings so please stay tuned to more of my work thanks again :)

Since this is my first post on here I figure I post a recent shoot, a shoot that I was very lucky to be apart of.  On this day I got a call from a fellow friend/photographer (Andrew Tran) at the last minute to come downtown and possibly help him out on his shoot. I automatically said yes..I had trouble finding parking in downtown due to the crowded and busy streets, but eventually met up with Andrew and his model Jess and found some side street parking..This was the first time I ever used a credit card friendly street parking meter..kinda weird and sketchy but hey it did its job lol.  Anyways, Andrew started the shoot and I was asked to take some candids and BTS shots.  Being exposed to one of my first official Fashion shoots was a great experience.. the way Jess worked the camera was quite a sight to see and it was different from what im used to seeing :)  Here is my take on some of the candid and BTS shots that I have produced out of my camera...Transitioning from shooting Import to Fashion is awesome!!!! Hope you enjoy this first post!!!

Model: Jess
Wardrobe: Top/Necklace from Forever 21, Christian Louboutin Heels and a Tori Burch Clutch

Big Thank you again to Andrew Tran For everything!!



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